ein Stück von und mit Svetalana Grigorjeva & Johanne Schröder

Künstlerhaus Mousonturm 2019

Do we use YouTube and TikTok as emotional make-up?

In VIDEO GAMES, we layer it on thick and marvel together at the patterns, wrinkles and colors of our own reactions or those of others.

Adorably clumsy kittens, terrible accidents, funny mishaps or documentaries that make us despair of the world sweep across our faces like paintbrushes, making them light up and shine, contort in strange ways, or darken.

Translucently, we offer 1.5 minutes of anger for a volunteer, while on the opposite face, a porn scene is already unfolding.

Which observed reaction makes me envious? Which one rubs off on me? Which one stimulates my imagination? When do I look away embarrassed? And which makeup was ultimately more captivating?

Observations of the first, second, and third degree intricately intertwine with the "life-actions" in between, representing the shared reality with everyone present. Depending on different knowledge bases, this creates very diverse emotional reactions ranging from unbearable to humorous. That is life in video games.