Konzept, Choreograpie, Perfromance: Svetlana Grigorjeva, Johanne Schröder

Bühnebild und Kostüme: Johanne Schröder

Licht: Thomas Rösener

Fotos: Mattis Kuhn 

Dear People

In what world do we live in?
How old is she?
What is she made of?
What are her special rules, what is her sustaining trick?
And how does she look like -
an elephant?
a gap?
a hockey stick?

How is she inhabited and by whom?
What species do exist, and how many?
How do they live?
What do they need and desire
And what do they give?
Does their belonging resembles an affair or a bonding?

What identities fit into that world?
How are they generated
- and by what?
What is their visual appearance and how do they move?
What are their special features and for what of use?
What do they call brave?
What weak,
what charming,
what everyday,
and what rare?
What do they fight for - and why
And for what do they care?
What do they put into question
- and what do they accept?
When do they challenge
- and when do they adapt?
What do they believe,
and what only know?
What bis real
What is show
and what is the afterglow?

What color has the loosing in that world
How do they knickern love
How do res subaroner goal?
What do rer fight Sqworl
What win sempo son
So do fem mi nov!

Dear people
Inventing a world is a tough thing to do! But still I invite you to fight
for what ever feels true for you!